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Sacred Geometry: updates

Title:Sacred Geometry

Author: Sky Samuelle

Pairing: Bonnie/Damon, Stefan/Elena, Anna/Jeremy

Rating: M

Summary:Season 2 AU. Mystic Falls will never be the same again after Founders’ Day: not with Katherine and Jeremy allying to resurrect Anna and Pearl,Stefan and Elena on the receiving end of Katherine’s sick games, or Bonnie&Damon stuck at the epicenter of everything.


Fanfiction on AO3:
CHAPTER 18 on lj:
CHAPTER 19 on lj:

Author Note: I am returning to this fanfiction to finish it after a really long break from writing it. Last chapter sees Anna's resurrection finally, and the story in general is an ensemble-fic (possibly the only one I ever written) with shifting focus on every character. Lots of space to Katherine as leading villain and to Jeremy as new vampire.The fanmix, if you listen to it, reflects this as it is mostly atmospheric and character-related ( lots of Jeremy and Katherine songs, for example ) with a slight Bamon shippy bent.
Tags: pairing: bonnie/damon, type: fanmix, type: fic
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